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so... i know just enough to be dangerous- was swapping network cards in my gateway lx6810-01 and somehow disconnected the small pair of wires from the video card. presumably they control and/or power the video card fan. not sure where to hook them back up as there are several vacant pins on the motherboard.
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  1. Does the video card wire have 3 pins? If so, I believe any connector that fits will work.
  2. no. they're actually two of the generic single pins side by side- not attached, but i assume they were formerly connected next to each other. upon further tinkering and closer inspection i notice one says spdif and the other gnd. makes little sense to me as i thought spdif was a digital audio thing. the gnd would make me presume ground, but that doesn't help regardless.
  3. That might be going to the motherboard as it might have an audio optical port.
  4. It *could* be an audio pass-through for HDMI, though I somehow doubt it. A picture would help immensely.
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