Budget HTPC, will it all fit?

Here's what I'm going with, main concern is with the heatsink fitting in the case. I'm using an old Corsair 520HX power supply, old lite-on sata dvd burner, and a relatively new WD 500Gb HD i bought about a year ago.

Lian Li v351r - 129.99

Jetway 785G 128mb Sideport - 69.99

A-data 4GB (2 X 2G) 13333 - 101.99

Cooler Master Gemini - 34.99

Athlon 240 Regor - 52.99

My concern for the heatsink started after seeing this picture of a similar build. As you can see, the fan is extremely close to the PSU. I'm not sure of the heatsink that is in that picture, so I'm not sure how it compares size wise to the Cooler Master. Also that close to the PSU Fan, makes me wonder about a Negative Pressure issue or whatever between the two fans.....

Should they both pull the same direction with such limited space? How hard is it to reverse(if needed) the PSU's fan direction?
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  1. Well you dont have to worry about the heatsink...the one in the pic is a Noctua with an 140MM fan whose dimensions are also bigger...So that is the reason why it is so close to the PSU...

    Check the dimensions...

    Another alternative to the cooler...
    Scythe SCSMZ-2000 92mm - This should also do a good job cooling the CPU...and is smaller...

    And I have some suggestions though...
    As for the mobo, go with a better quality one...
    ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO AM3 AMD 785G

    A good cooler combo to save money -

    Cheaper and better quality RAM -
  2. Thanks for the advice and clearup on the cooler. Better parts for less money is always a plus :D

    I dunno why i didn't see the Corsair memory...

    I ordered the case Monday and it's suppose to be in today. It was the one part I was for sure getting, love the looks and love the color. I may post up a few pics of the build, even if it is budget, just to show off the case.
  3. ^ Good Luck with your build...and surely do post the pics...
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