Are seagate reliable?

Never brought a hdd before and noticed they are really cheap, so is it because they are rubbish?

Looked online, seems they are rather mixed, might just go and slash the size and get a different make with better reviews, still wonder if any of you use them...
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  1. I find them as reliable as the others!
  2. i bought this external harddrive about a year or two ago....
    i got this on a deal for $90, so it was a sweep for me back then.
    but its been lasting me quite a while now. worth every penny :)

    Seagate STAC2000100 FreeAgent GoFlex 2TB USB 2.0 Black External Hard Drive
  3. Seagate makes good HDDs. I just bought 2 for a build 1TB 7200 from Best Buy. They had a sales for $89 a piece. I installed 1 and have had no problems for over 2 months. The other I am saving for another build. I bought this on sale newegg for $99.
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