Nvida Hybrid Graphics: (8400GS + 9200 chipset = 8500GT?)

I'm going to buy a cheap non-gaming card for a workstation. The computer has a geforce 9200 chipset. I've read that combining an 8400GS with a 9200 chipset makes the equivalent to an 8500GT. Does anybody know if that is true? Will a Geforce 210 combine with a 9200 chipset to make hybrid graphics?

(I know none of these cards are great)
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  1. Those cards will do great for you. They do have hybrid power so you will get a small boost. They will work good for games too if your processor and ram are powerful.
  2. to multi
    I completely disagree about gaming performance,combining the a 9200 with a 8400GS won't perform well in games.

    to Dougx,adding a 9200 with a 8400GS will make it performs pretty much like a 8500GT(or a little lower)and yes you can add a Geforce 210 and run it in hybrid SLI but since you don't want to game,then a 8400GS suffices
  3. All I need is dual monitor support, and the 8400GS is only $15 AR at a local store. Is there anything special that I need to do to have hybrid graphics?

    Also, is this low profile? It looks like it is, but the back part sticks up a little. f anyone can confirm this, that would be great.
  4. There aren't any special things for Hybrid SLI,you need a motherboard which supports it and another VGA card such as 8400GS(And yes its a low profile card)
  5. Just to make sure one more time. This card is low profile. A single 8400GS combined with the Geforce 9200 chipset will provide graphics slightly above an 8400gs alone. Is this all correct?

    On Nvidia's website, they only list hybrid SLI and Geforce boost about notebooks. It should work with desktops right?
  6. The answer is yes for both of your questions(its strange though that Nvidia hasn't talked much in their site about HybridSLI for desktops)
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