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I am at the point of bread boarding this build at the moment. Without memory I get 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps, With memory I get no beeps, either way no video is shown~

The light on motherboard is green, the fans run, the HDD sounds, the Dvd-rom ejects, the led light on my ps/2 keyboard comes on. Er I did go through the before you post thread thus at the point of bread boarding~

Cpu: Phenom II X4 945 95w

Mb: M4A785TD-V EVO

Psu: Sea sonic X650

Memory: DDR3 G.skill 1333 4gb stick

Please assist me~
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  1. 1 long, 2 short is usually a video error. Check the cable, check with some other monitor.
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    Probably not a cable or monitor problem. When the system boots, the BIOS has no way of knowing if the cable or monitor works or if there is even a monitor present. At boot time, it is only looking for the video interface on the card.

    Light on the motherboard only indicates that the standby power supply inside the PSU is working. Fans running indicates that you have 12 volts present. Keyboard LED's indicate that you have the 5 volts present. The fact that the boot process runs far enough for you to get the one long two short beep pattern indicates that your PSU is working well enough to provide enough power to boot the system.

    Breadboard with just PSU (remember, main and CPU power plugs), motherboard, CPU & HSF, and the system speaker. You can turn on the system by momentarily shorting the two pins that the power switch header fits on.

    You should hear long continuous beeps indicating a serious memory problem. (There's none installed remember?) If you get silence, one of the three components is bad.

    You are hearing beeps, so this should pass.

    Add a stick of RAM. (Oh, be sure that you power down between testing steps.) Boot. Pattern should change to the one long-two short beeps indicating that the memory is passing the basic BIOS memory test. Test each stick separately, then all together.

    If all this passes, install the video card (remember the PCIe power plugs). You do not need to connect the monitor yet. Now you should hear the single short beep of a successful POST. Now you can connect the monitor. You will see a "Missing keyboard" message. Connect the keyboard and you will see a "No boot drive found" message.

    Silence indicates that the video card is shorted or overloading the PSU and that the PSU is electronically shutting itself down (one of the benefits of using a high quality PSU such as Seasonic :)).

    Long and short beeps indicate a problem with the video interface on either the motherboard or video card. Test the video card in the other PCIe slot. If it works there, your motherboard is bad.

    If it doesn't work there, you have two choices. You can either test your card in a working system or plug a known good card into yours. Both alternatives present a small risk. There's a very small possibility that a bad GPU could destroy a good motherboard or a bad motherboard could destroy a good GPU.

    I do this with every built that I am involved with to make certain that I am installing good parts in a case.
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  4. XD XD XD Dude you're awesome!
    ('-')b Ended up finding out I was blind to the fact I was trying run a single stick of dual channel memory, lol.
    (~'-')~ Ty~
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