New build. Booted a few times, but now no video

Asus P7P55 LX
i5 750
XFX hd 5770
6Gb OCZ DDR3 1600

This is a brand new build. I just put it together today. I was installing windows 7, and was having trouble getting my license validated and walked into the other room, and when I got back the screen was black. I tried to reboot but the screen doesn't get any signal.

I went through the troubleshooting guide reseating memory and video card. reset cmos etc... step by step. (I'm going to leave the cmos battery out all night and pc unplugged all night, like some people have suggested.

The pc boots up and I hear the first beep, then a few seconds later I hear another beep. It all seems normal--aside from nothing ever coming on the screen anymore Now, it just sits there with all the fans on... like it is running.

Anybody have any idea what my problem might be? any troubleshooting tips? Thanks! I can give you any other info if you need it.
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  1. Test the video card in another computer
  2. Or put another GPU on your system.

    p.s : jsc, I love how that cats stands... :D
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