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Hey guys I need help. I recently purchased a BFG GeForce 9800 GT 1GB Graphics card and installed it, I tested it running games like Dragon Age Origins on highest settings, and the graphics I could not be happier with, however, the frame rate is around 16fps and sometimes as low as 10fps. Even when I set at High settings the frame rate is still not above 30fps.

My computers processor is: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 4600+ at 2GB ram.
My PSU is around 300W

I was told my different people that my processor is the problem, and some people tell me that I need a PSU with 500W or more, so I want to ask you guys, what should I do to fix my fps? It definately should not be as low as 16fps for dragon age even at high settings!
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  1. You don't list which 300W PSU you have, and there are few in that range that are any good. While I don't believe its the source of your problems, it should be replaced now that you have the "high drain" of the 9800GT.

    I'm going to go with weak CPU as the source of your low frame rates. The 4600x2 isn't very fast by todays standards. OCing may help, but getting a new CPU will be best. Depending on what else your system is, that might mean a whole new platform.

    Another issue might be your 2GBS of ram. Thats probably ok for XP, but if you have Vista or win7 you'll need more.
  2. You definitely need more Power! The processor should be ok. The best thing you could do is upgrade your Power Supply and get 2GB more memory. That should do the trick!
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