Best gaming cpu for $300?

Ok i'm not really looking for someones opinion whos bias.. but i'm sure ill get them I want to know straight up whats the best processor around for that pricerange..
this is the power supply i'll be using
does this mean I couldn't get a intel even if I wanted one? lol god im so n00b :) sorry for the million questions

I'll be honest I already own a 965 be but its a 140w old version and I'm having to buy another cpu because I need a second one the other cpus in the house are getting to slow to play even facebook games.
But the main point of this computer is logitevity and playing games and being able to overclock my 5870 matrix rog
I read somewhere that the intels have built in pci e controllers or something? does that make ocing the graphics cards easier or harder? I just want to get mine close to some of the reviews (my 3d card)

I'm looking at
ANY suggestions would be awesome

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban 3.2GHz 6 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Desktop Processor HDT90ZFBGRBOX

Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield 2.8GHz 4 x 256KB L2 Cache 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80601930

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor HDZ965FBGMBOX

thanks a million and godbless
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  1. wow this looks so tempting no lie.. but buying electronics on craigslist is like playing Russian rollete and my luck it probably wouldnt even be better then the 965 or the amd 6 core?
  2. the best for gaming there i would say is the cheapest, the 965
  3. the 965 is faster then the intel i7 930s blow for blow in gaming?
  4. the craigslist add is local pickup, so u can sak the poster for u to see items working before purchace
  5. well i can buy the processor well the 930 which isn't much under the 940 off newegg for 300 bucks

    i dont see one on newegg for the 940 on tigerdirect its over 500 bucks??wutt

    is there that big of a difference between the 930 and 940?

    I dont know if i trust buying it off craigslist the guy probably fryed the processor or the motherboard is doa just from how cheap it is lol

    wow one thing i noticed is heck the motherboards are um expensive too LOLZ... =/ i'm looking for a mobo that can fit that processor and 5870 in the pci-e slot without it sitting on a south bridge/nb or whatever bumping into something that is under 200 bucks =/
  6. Value and performance wise the i5 750 will perform as well as any of the aforementioned cpu's in gaming.
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    Yeah the i5 750 is amazing performance and a lot cheaper than an i7 930 when you consider P55 vs X58 chipset and dual vs triple channel memory. Both are going to perform generally better than the AMD Phenom X4s as they have better architecture. The X4s are good, great for the price even, but the OP wants to spend a lot of money it seems, so the i7 930 is probably the way to go.
  8. Strictly from the ones you listed, the 930 would be the best bet for gaming.

    However if gaming is your sole concern, you'd do well to get the 750 (as has been already suggested). It matches up to its big i7 brothers in gaming. You also save loads since the best p55 (ASUS Crosshair) is similar in price to the best budget x58 (UD3R). Not to mention the 750 also costs less.

    If you are prepared for a few months, then Intel is planning a successor to the 750. Might as well check that out. If not, then the 930 or 750.

    this is the power supply i'll be using [...] 20850%20hx
    does this mean I couldn't get a intel even if I wanted one?

    Don't know why would you feel that way. Intel, AMD; it doesn't matter. A PSU is a PSU, works with either.
  9. some of the psu's say they are ready for i5 and i7 connectors or w/e thats why i was asking about the psu.

    As far as being hellbent on spending more I'm really not I just don't want to have two 965s in my house that will be weird i'd rather have something a little different even if it was only a little faster, lol...

    found a real good deal on a 930
    $199 + tax
    alot cheaper then even the amd 6 core.. which i was kinda leaning towards just because the mobos are so cheap..
    i'll have to look into the i5 750s

    1 question on the motherboards that support 3 channel ram would it support dual channel also? or i'm guessing not.. just wondering.

    another thing the i5-i7's have the pci-e thing built into them how does that effect performance? I was hoping that it would help because the whole reason im upgrading right now is because I got a biostar motherboard with a old 4pin molex for graphics that is supposed to make it stable and if I add any voltage to my 3d card through itracker2 even bumping it up 5 mhz makes it unstable and artifacts..
  10. the i7 9xx series basically have to use triple channel RAM. That or single channel. It's due to the CPU architecture. On the other hand, i5 750s use dual channel.

    The PCIe support built into the chips does make it faster. The i series cores have a different setup than previous CPUs. They have QPI (quick path interconnect) which speeds up the data transfer between all components of the PC. This is partly why, clock for clock, the i series tend to perform better than AMD's competition.

    CPU performance needed for gaming has been done many times. There's articles on tomshardware and many other reputable sites. They all state generally the same thing, a super fast CPU with lots of cores isn't going to help much. 3 cores shows a large improvement over 1 or 2, while 4 cores shows only a slightly greater improvement over 3. After that, the improvement in gaming is negligible (at this point in time).

    This is why the i5 750 is such a great gaming CPU. It's a quad core, it's really fast, Intel gave it some great features like Turbo Boost and the enhanced halt states for power saving. It's quite efficient. Easily overclocks. And the P55 chipset is way less money than the X58 chipset (needed for i7 9xx). For $200 you could get the ASUS P7P55D-E PRO which comes with SATA 3 and USB 3. The main hindrance of P55 chipsets is that you can't get more than 16 PCIe lanes to the CPU. By this I mean a single GPU can run 16x PCIe, but 2 cards run 8x/8x. However, the performance hit not more than 2% at the utmost. Any more PCIe lanes have to run through a bridge, for example my mobo has a 4x PCIe lane running through the south bridge, and I have a GT 240 on that one for PhysX. It's usage tops out at 83% due to the lane constriction (at least that's my theory).

    As for your GPU OCing, well for one I've never heard of itracker2 and there's a distinct possibility that the program is the source of your problems. Try MSI Afterburner. I love that program. You should be able to get a bump in clocks without adding any voltage. But yeah, having the CPU with built in PCIe helps performance as well although how much I do not know.

    EDIT: You may find this interesting:
  11. i7-930 is better and it's overcolock good.but what is your playing resulotion ?if it is higher than 1680 like 1920 and 2560 there is not many difference between them if you use a graphic card like 5870.but if you use CF 5850 or 5970 or higher the difference is noticeable.
  12. Quote:

    1 question on the motherboards that support 3 channel ram would it support dual channel also? or i'm guessing not.. just wondering.

    Yes they will. Even single channel.
  13. If you absolutely want to spend 300$ on your cpu, i'd get an 875k and overclock the piss out of it, then save tons of money with the p55 mobo setup.
  14. yes i7-875k is a good choice.
  15. lol i love you guys, alot to take in im going to think about this and look at the mobos and see what i come up with damn i wanted to get a rog board for the 930 but that looks like its 300+ bucks and im only really into using 1 3d card because well my crossfired 5770s didnt work out that well some programs didn't support it and I had to get rid of them, ya i agree possibly the itracker 2 software

    1980x1020 is my native res
  16. Go to, download their Performance 7.0 program. Benchmark your current PC so you get an idea of how it runs. Then using their benchmark comparisons do a search for your ideal CPU + the 5870. There you'll clearly see how each CPU performs with the 5870 vs the other CPUs. But I was actually asking myself the same question a few weeks ago and I did your homework for you, the 1055T is actually the better bang for the buck at $200, performs as well as the i7 930.

    The only question you have to ask yourself now is do you want the Triple Channel Memory or are you okay with the Dual Channel? It doesn't help much in terms of frame rates, this is why the Performance Test 7.0 is important. Shows that whatever memory you use, you'll get nearly the same frames per second. A lot of people say Performance Test 7.0 is only a Benchmark program but they don't realize that it actually measures the frame rates at a standard resolution so that the test is always accurate.

    What I concluded in my research was that because the i7 930 does have better overclocking potential, it performed better than the 1090T and 1055T, and also of course the 965 Black Edition but like I said, the 1055T at only $200 actually came very close.

    See for youself, download the Peformance Test 7.0
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  18. ended up getting the i7 930 it was 199 at microcenter good deal didn't have to blow 300 bucks on a processor now just gotta blow the extra 100 bucks on my motherboard, im ok with that and having another 2gb of ram no matter what is said will eventually be nice to have, atleast to me..

    Thanks for all your help and sincerity i know everyone here is trying to actually help rather then just be a fanboy of 1 product i could tell that in the look at benchmarks etc etc.

    much appreciated thanks tomshardware forum members :)
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