Computer's clock keeps getting out of sync - CMOS Battery problem?

I built my computer 3 years ago and have used it pretty heavily since. Since a few days ago, every time I it on, I find that the clock is not at the correct time and I have to manually resynchronise it.

I was wondering if this was a fault of the CMOS battery but nothing else seems to be out or order.

Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R.
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  1. Replace the CMOS battery. It's most likely a CR2032 battery, available at any hardware store, or Walmart.
  2. I had a phone modem that went bad once. As long as it was installed, the clock came up wrong each time it booted. Left the modem out, and clock worked fine.
  3. The battery would be the first thing to try.
  4. definitely the CMos battery.
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