APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: $1300 tax in about 1 month or less.
1) virtualization training with hyper v server 2008. Want to run 5 virtual machines, with 10 users only on the local network.
one 2008 microsoft server 2008 R2 (64 bit) that will have active directory/dns server/dhcp server role, one sharepoint server 2010, one exchange server 2010, one sql server 2008, windows 7 enterprise for my own personal use that will be for watching movies and no gaming at all, and for internet surfing watching streaming videos online, note want to be able to watch blue ray movies, and have ability to go to multiple monitor cabability in future when i buy more monitors.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: monitor, keyboard, mouse.


PARTS PREFERENCES: no preference.

OVERCLOCKING: No overclocking, not worried about sli or crossfire as i won't be gaming.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: not needed, but if you like you can suggest monitors that are great for blue ray movie watching.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: like a quiet pc and 2 nic ports for two possible network connections on the motherboard.
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More about need please
  1. Agreed - use the build advice section - it will give us a budget and will cover those requirements you have listed as well.

    I'm a fan of working in VMs as well. You'll need some decent multi-core processor and a respectable amount of RAM - depends on what you are running.
  2. In addition to the form, please don't post a title in all caps. Mod's, and everyone else, don't like that.
  3. I'm not an expert in using virtulization, but from the bit I've played around with it you are going to need a good amount of ram and several CPU cores, like huron said.I'm guessing that you'll want an intel build, and looking it looks like you might be able to fit a core i7 930, 12 gigs of ram and a motherboard with 2x ethernet ports in there. Also a nice case. Before I remembered that you needed your parts from, I had a build going with these parts for just over $1000, leaving $250 for HDD, ODD, PSU and OS.
  4. I was looking at core i7 930, but was wondering if it had advantages over a 1090T phenom II 6 core cpu in virtualization.
    If not, I would go with the AMD 6 core if it works better at stock speeds then the i7 930, for virtualization.
  5. Most benchmarks still put the i7 930 head of the X6 1090T in most every aspect. I would stick with the i7 930. If budget is a concern, you can drop down to either an i5 750 or X4 955 C3 build for about $200 less.
  6. From what I saw, they were somewhat equal. Does virtualisation software make good use of hyperthreading?
  7. That i do not know, if hyperthreading is a big advantage. This is why I posted here, to see if anyone has any ideas of which way to go. For example, since I will have windows server 2008 R2, maybe it will run better with 6 true cores of the phenom II 1090T then it will with i7 930? does anyone know?
    If you guys have any ideas, please feel free to let me know, I have yet to have anyone come up with a good solution as to what I can purschase for the above aforementioned stuff I want to run.
    Will say this, I noticed at ncix, there is one thing I am considering:
    What do you guys think about that motherboard? iI am not sure if it is compatible with the new i7 chips, if so, I might as well go with it, and then drop another processor in it when required later on when the processor prices drop.
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