System hardware test programs..any recomended?

I am haveing a random freeze problem with my computer.... Just locks warning.
system seem to only freeze after it has started and I begin to use it right away without warming up... had it freeze earlier tonight in a game.

Ran memtest86 for 8 hrs with no errors. Does this rule out ram?

Can anyone recomend any similar programs so that I might be able to use to narrow down the issue?

Just purchased 2 weeks ago.

i5 750
biostar t5xe
4 gb a-data ddr3
750w rosewill psu
galaxy 9500
60gb ozc agility ssd
win 7 64
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  1. Prime 95, Speed Fan and maybe PC Wizard 2010. HD Tune and HD Tach for hard drives.

    Rosewill PSUs are pretty much junk. That system would be fine with a quality 400w/450w unit from Corsair, Antec, Seasonic ect.
  2. I have problems like this and so far mostly the sources of those problems were :
    1. Defect RAMs
    2. Defect GPU (this includes also overheating in GPU)

    You have check the RAMs? SO it is OK
    Now try to check the GPU using any GPU stress tool

    BTW : that PSU is also not recommended...could also be the source of the problem...but leave that at this moment and try to check the GPU
  3. Bumped up the voltage on my ram from 1.53 to 1.65(ram rated for 1.60-1.80) and computer did not freeze today. Fingers crossed.
  4. I would bet that was the problem. It sounded like either memory or a power supply problem to me.
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