Suggestion on my Next Card Based on Specs?

Alright so I have a problem... I have about $400-600 to spend on a new GPU

It's between ATI'S 5870 and Nvidia's 480



My Current specs are
INTEL CORE 2 DUO E7200 2.53Ghz @3.33
4GB's of DDR2 PC6400 Mushkin 800
300GB 10,000 RPM Velociraptor
Thermaltake Pure-power 600WATT

My questions are...

Should I just go with the 480 because of my Mobo.. even know I prolly wont buy a 2nd one?

Will the 480 Become better overtime with driver updates?

and will my CPU bottleneck ither one of these cards...?

Thanks in advance guys / gals :)
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  1. What is it exactly that you want to do with the new card ? What games and at what resolution ? one or more monitors ? Also what power supply do you have ?
    Im thinking a 5850 may be a better option but its dependant on your usage.

  2. Thermaltake Pure-power 600WATT

    I play games like...

    BFBC2, WoWx3 windows open, MW2, FF 14 soon, SC2, D3

    Mainly a gaming PC, Just dont feel like spending $1000-1500 on a new mobo,memory,cpu right now
    2 year old PC
  3. And monitor/s and resolution ?
    Also there are 2 600w psu's in that link, which one is it ?
  4. I run 2 Monitor's mainly for playing 2 games at once or possible surfing the web and playing a game at the same time.



    1920x1080 is the max resolution I'll obtain playing games.

    Sorry, Power supply is purepower 600
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    Well i would say that i would go for the 5870 personally. As you dont think you will SLI anyway then the single ATI card with its Eyefinity support would be the way i would go.
    Your PSU seems fine so no worries there but the CPU is a little on the weak side for that card.
    Here is an interesting article Toms did about CPU's and gaming,review-31852.html

    And here is a good link for comparing CPU's

    Based on whats within those two links i would think you will be some what restricted with a E7200 even allowing for its overclock.

  6. Going from a 9600GT. You will be just as happy with a HD5850 as HD5870, it is a huge leap in graphics power and it is a better match to your CPU (people in here are reporting overclocks up to the level of 5870)
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