Buy a new CPU for Gaming around $320-$350

I want to buy a gaming CPU (MOTHERBOARD, PROCESSOR,2 GB RAM,1 GB GRAPHICS CARD). please give me a list of CPU component with total budget is $320-$350...please help me.
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  1. foxconn A9DA AM3 board with phenom II 955 black edition retail boxed for $234.99 as a combo special. Kingston 2x1gb 1600 ddr3 hyperX blue for $55.99 w/free shipping. For video, the zotac 9800gt is only $49.99 after rebate, but you may not get it. Even at $69.99, it's a fair price. I use a low end powercolor radeon card, and can also recommend powercolor as a good value in a 4850 or 4670 chipset.
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