Gigabyte: X58A-UD3R recogizes PC-10666 memory as 1066 MHz.

I just put together a new box recently: X58A-UD3R, i7-950, and 6G of corsairs memory CMX6GX3M3A1333C8.

During the boot-up process, I see 1066 MHz is detected for memory (I haven't done any overclock at all, everything uses default settings.). The BIOS is FB.

When I ran CPU-Z, it correctly detects the memory model number (CMX6GX3M3A1333C8).

I don't understand why the BIOS gives one notch lower speed on the memory. Any opinion about this? Please help.

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  1. It is showing as DDR3 1066, as that is what the memory defaults to at 1.5V (default MOBO DRAM Voltage). You will need to either enable XMP in the BIOS and see if auto-detects correct settings (Page 44 of Manual) or manual adjust your MHz, Timings and Voltage to match the RAM specifications.
  2. Just came to realize mine doesn't have the "Extreme Memory Profile" option in the BIOS setup. As per the manual, it means the memory doesn't support this feature.

    Here is the spec of the RAM:

    Does that mean the memory profile of this particular model (corsair / cmx6gx3m3a1333c8) is not supported sufficiently in this BIOS?

    I manually changed the timing to 7-7-7-20 and leave everything else to the default values. Would that hurt or help the performance?

    Thanks for your reply!
  3. 1) Reviewing the specification from Corsair, it shows XMP so it should be supported. I'm not really sure why the feature isn't showing in your BIOS. Never the less, as I've never been the biggest fan of XMP versus manual adjustment.

    2) Well, you are running DDR3 1066 at Cas7 1.5V and your RAM is rated for DDR3 1333 Cas8 1.65V. You won't see much of a performance difference between the two (if any), but I would recommend running at specified specs: DDR3 1333, 1.65V & 8-8-8-24. This will be your most stable setup... IMO.
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