Need Help Buying CPU

I want to buy a new CPU Under Budget of 120$.Can aynone Recommend
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  1. What do you plan to use your system for? Are you building new or do you already have a motherboard? Do you game at all? We'll need more information to give you more specific advice for your needs.
  2. Hello,
    I want to buy a CPU Under 120$
    My current config is
    MSI MS-7267
    Core 2 Duo E4400
    GeForce 9400GT
    Iwant to use it to play Games like resident evil 5 and over clock it to 3.3GHZ
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums
    I would first change the VGA,because 9400GT is a low-end card for gaming, so even if you get a new CPU,your gaming performance won't change much
  4. ur cpu is aait for low end gaming, you will want to upgrade the gpu to a 4670 before you change the cpu, but the best cpu that board can use is the e4700 so not much sense either way

    mostly about for gaming but pretty relevant for most applications
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    Help me in buying CPU
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