Question about 3d on Nvidia

hi guys i just want to ask about the 3d on nvidia

what will happen if i dont use a 3d monitor or lets just say a less 120hz then i run my card and 3d glass i know it will not look so good but i just want to know if i will get a 3d on my monitor??? although its ugly

thats all thanks ^_^
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  1. As i understand it it has to be 120Hz as it runs two images one to each eye that are out of sync with each other but in sync with the glasses. i would guess that it would. A. not work. B look horible and C give you a massive headache if you tried to actually use it like this.
    I am only guessing based on what i know.

  2. I'd say options b and c are the most likely results
  3. 505090 said:
    I'd say options b and c are the most likely results

    ahh so you are saying that i will get a 3d but its a B and C look

    guys can you gave me a good advice if i go for nvidia in the name of 3d or ati for power and cheap .... because i am planning to upgrade my 1st card 3650 and i need to replace a very good card and this will be a 1 ticket only i need to decide carefully. which should i go ati or nvidia?? .. :bounce: :bounce: i am interested to nvidia because of there new 3d vision but there new card 470/480 are expensive and more psu power consume .... on the other side the ati card are cheap and more power but they dont have a 3d i am not sure if they gonna make a 3d vision too .... so guys what is your advice for me?? :??: :??:

    thats all

    thanks :D :D :D
  4. Well personally i wouldn't buy Nvidia just for 3D 3D seems to be getting some momentum behind it in the cinema and they are making 3D sets now that apparently don't need glasses. Don't know where they are with that yet or if you can buy it yet, just something i read. I will dig the link out if i can. But if 3D takes off properly then i expect ATI to be capable as well and i wouldn't buy a Fermi card now for the reasons you already mentioned.
  5. Fermi card has a lot off negative review from the people including the issue of heat and power hunger ..... hmm i think i will buy a ATI card ... i am targeting the 5850

    any way thanks for your comment ^_^

    w8 last question a corsair 550watts can run a 5850 right???
  6. Yeah just about.
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