Which is the Fastest SSD in 500$ with minimum size 120GB?

I want to know which is the fastest SSD in 500$ and with atleast 120GB space. Want to enable Intel Smart Response Technology. Can i assign 64GB for SSD caching and in the rest install the OS. Very much confused! Any help will be appreciated. Cheers!

My Rig:- CPU:- i5 2500k overclocked to 4.4 GHz
MB :- Asus P8Z68 V-PRO/GEN3
RAM:- G.Skill Ripjaws @ 1600 MHz 2 sticks of 4GB each.
HDD:- Caviar Black 1 TB
Case:- HAF-X Black Edition
PSU :- Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 600W
GPU :- Asus GTX 670 DCii TOP
CPU Cooler:- Corsair H100 Hydro Series
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  1. hey i want to know can i enable intel smart response technology and install the os on the same ssd or i have to go for another one!
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    I promise you one thing: if all you do is read the specs you will buy the wrong product. Read the user reviews such as on It doesn't matter how fast it CAN run if it is unreliable.
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