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I recently took apart my new built computer and unfortunatly whilst messing around lost a standoff, now my computer wont boot and i just wanted to ask if i can just use a normal screw in place or does it have to be the usual stand off screw?
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  1. ^ Well if you use the normal screws, then the I/O panel might not align properly to the back panel of the case...
    And how many standoffs are left now ??
  2. none, only got the amount that were to be fitted on, any places you know that i can buy them from? (besides ebay)
  3. are they one size fits all or are there different sizes?
  4. I think there are different sizes I guess...but not sure though...
    Better to search based on the make of the case...
  5. are you sure because my computer still wont boot and ive checked everythin else, im missing the actual standoff not the screw
  6. If the screw is missing I am kinda concerned where it went to and whether it's stuck between to points of contact and shorting something out.
  7. Usually there are 8 or 10 or 12 total standoffs, IOW quite a few. Missing one or several normally won't make much difference. In an extreme case your motherboard could be bending due to the weight of the cpu cooler. You have to make sure that isn't happening, and make sure the back of the motherboard isn't touching anything inside of the case that it shouldn't be touching, like the missing standoff.

    If you need standoffs, any normal computer store should be able to give you a few. Or you might move around the ones you have. Some places on the motherboard are just sitting there without any load on them and don't really require connection to the case.
  8. i think that might be whats happening as i recently cut a few holes in the case to ease cable managemnt but whilst doing it some of the case bent. ill rearangge the screws and post back if it boots or not
  9. metric standoff
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