i open my pc and then hang up sometimes im in the middle of typing and then restarted what should i do?
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  1. Well you're having crashes. The best thing to do would to be back up all your data and documents and do a system restore with a new OS install. Can't give you further instructions on that because I don't know you're computer model. Let us know.
  2. +1.

    Or your PC might be infested by virus and other malwares. Run anti virus scans and other PC cleaners. Please post your system components like CPU, motherboard, VIdeo Card, etc..
  3. i did already boot scan but still...
    p4 2.2 ghz, ics board, 128mb inno3d gforce vcard
  4. Check your temperature. Maybe your CPU is overheating. Check if the CPU fan is spinning. If fan is still spinning, it may be that the contact between the CPU and the CPU cooler got loose in which case you need to reseat your cooler. Make sure you apply new thermal paste. You can download and install everest to monitor your temp.
  5. It is cpu lag and often a bottle necking with in the system ram. There isn't much one can do besides ram and cpu upgrades. As for data don't back it up on the same drive its pointless if you had a failure. Even burnable CDs and DVDs wouldn't be that bad of a backup option for important stuff like tax returns, pics, work exct.
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