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I know many on this and other forums do not care for or suggest Kingston RAM for new builds. I like the stuff and have never had a problem with Kingston RAM over the many decades I have owned computers. It is known to be compatible, reliable and good quality. They back that up with a lifetime warranty. My favorite dealer says they sell more Kingston than anything and get the least amount back of all the makes they sell. RMA's on a big scale are the norm with some makes of RAM. You'd likely be surprised to learn that the company is located in the USA and 10% of the entire company's output is from the USA.

I suggest everyone read the following story I found. Hope you enjoy the read.....
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  1. I think why Kingston is typically not recommended for builds, is people's perception of them. Most see them as a "value brand" and not a "performance brand" like a Corsair, G.SKILL or Mushkin. When you recommend a brand you go with what you see as "performance".

    I'm not taking anything away from Kingston but I just don't think about them when doing builds. I look at them when it comes to value or workstation based systems for their ECC memory.
  2. Well like I said, compatibility is a big deal as is reliability. Having a computer do lots of lock ups and freezing is no pleasant matter. Furthermore, I question the need for higher cost "performance" RAM in most cases. The real life effect of this extra cost RAM is small to say the least.
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