Asus Deluxe Mobo Problems?

Hey guys. I am going to be building a computer with the I-7 2600K and the Asus Deluxe mobo. I am hearing there are problems with the Deluxe with the bios. I am also hearing that all of the P67 mobos are having problems. For those of you who have it, are there any serious problems with the P67 Asus Deluxe board? This will be my first computer build and I am a little concerned. I need a reliable mobo, that is why I chose Asus.

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    You bought a very reliable board. The issues are minor and usually involve the RAM choice and/or user error. There are always some issues with new and very technical products...this stuff is no exception. However, my setup was up and working within 2 hours of delivery and it has been great, with only a few minor issues that I worked out. The new Sandy Bridge stuff is excellent for the price and is smoking a lot of more expensive hardware out there today. I have had mine up to 4400Mhz stable without trying hard and using stock air and 1333MHZ RAM. I suggest you read through the posts and you'll see that many of the issues are minor. Read the manual closely that comes with the board and you should be good to go. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks that is reassuring. G Skill X has a new 8G ram set designed specifically for the P67 boards and Newegg has it for $108 with free shipping. That might be the way to go. It appears that the P67 boards require 1.5 V ram but I do not understand the ram designations enough to be sure. the link is here:
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