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Allright, I spent the last few days trying to decide on a mid to high range gaming system and had my mind set on i5 750 and Radeon 5770.

However, after realizing the final estimate was 500 bucks over my budget (I live in Turkey so prices are insanely different here than the US) I decided to sleep on it and realized I was being ridiculous.

Although I used to play graphic intense games in the past (GTA and such, not quite Crysis level) I'm too busy right now to do so and I only play WoW. And it occurred to me that my chosen specs were waaay overkill.

So I'm getting a much cheaper system which I'll upgrade when I have to.

The jist of it
I need a GPU:
- Capable of giving me high fps in WoW at medium to high settings (not ultra)
- is DDR2 if possible.
- That won't require me to buy a PSU higher than Corsair 400W.
- Is good value without overclocking or SLI/Crossfire.

I'm also willing to change my CPU choice, (though WoW is pretty cpu dependant) if I can find a good one with an older socket so I can get a cheaper motherboard and DDR2 RAM instead of 3.

4650 is looking like a good option but I haven't had the chance to review them all yet. I can't quote a price range but to give you an idea:
5770 is 184$ here
4650 is 61$

Any advice is really appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. If you want to go very cheap = GPU 4850 512mb, Amd athlon X2 250

    Abit better = Amd athlon X3 Rana + 5750/5770.

    Best = i3/athlon x4 + 5770.
  2. Well I can say this since on my workstation the only game it ever really plays is wow and so I can offer you some advice. You don't need that much of a gpu unless you are doing high res so I would go ahead and purchase a 5770 (you may want an extra monitor on hand even if it is crt) if you are like me running 4 clients of wow at once then you NEED a good cpu and at least 4GB to hold up for a few years. The i3/5 which only uses DDR3 if you are wanting intel and have the budget for such. AMD is a great choices since they have a very deep pipeline which helps when multy logging you still want at the least a tri core or a 3ghz dual. When shopping AMD always pay attention to the cpu wattage.
  3. WoW is an interesting game. It can require a lot of power if you want to max out the settings, but it can also make due with lower settings on lower end machines, and not look bad.

    If your i5/5770 system costs too much, then dialing it back on the CPU and GPU power is quite possible, but you will need to lower your settings as well, which still looks decent enough.
  4. if ur doing low res wow then abuse CPU some more.
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