Best manufacturer for hd 5770 plz hlp

hello i want to buy a radeon 5770 my choices r msi 5770 hawk,sapphire vapor x and xfx but iheard that xfx is suffering from quality issues what do u think plz help me
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  1. Any of those manufactures is pretty reputable. I would have no issues buying from any of them. However, I will make comments on the specific models you listed.

    MSI HAWK: Best cooling and potentially better overclocks, cost less than the Vapor-x
    Sapphire VaporX: These models are ALWAYS overpriced from Sapphire. Still Sapphire is a good brand.
    XFX: doesn't have an aftermarket cooler for the 5770, they use the 2 reference coolers and that is it. However, they offer the best warranty.

    Any 5770 will allow a moderate overclock. However, if you are looking at the max OC you can get, I'd swing toward the MSI HAWK.
  2. can u tell m price from these three companies
  3. Price will depend on where you are and where you can buy it from. If you are in the US- go to and look up the 5770- see what you find. I would honestly go for the cheapest you can find for any of the brands you listed as they are all good.
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