GeForce 9600GT & GeForce 9600GT Greed Edition

Hi there,

I would like to know, what exactly is the difference between the GeForce 9600GT and the GeForce 9600GT Greed Edition?
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  1. Green* edition = lower power consumption i think.
  2. The greed edition is mean and just takes your lunch money, :pt1cable: the green edition is as nielnield said.
  3. The green edition performs worse because in order to achieve power under the amounted 75watts the PCI-E slot can provide, nVidia lowered the clocks of the 9600GT.

    It's a good card, but the best low-power card is the HD5670.
  4. so bottom line is, it consumes less power in exchange for having the clock lowered =/

    I guess in that case it really depends on the user what he wants, if the user can afford the extra wattage and price then the NON-green edition would be a better pick obviously. :)

    In the meantime I got me the 9600GT, I also overclocked it pretty decently :D it purrs like a new born kitten hehe
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