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PCI-E and RAM Slots

I just have one simple yet probably dumb question. I am looking into buying a motherboard for a custom build. However the one i have my heart set on is right in every sense accept the PCI-e slots. The theme of the computer is black and blue however the board has red PCI-e slots as well as red RAM slots. Is there any way t mod these and change there color with out damaging the board? As for the ram slots I'm not to worried because they will be hidden by the six sticks of ram. Let me know if I'm dumb for asking but i figured it couldn't hurt.
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  1. if you want a propper pc, ignore colours

    if your going intel 1155 the new gigabyte boards (higher end ones) are all black/grey if that helps?
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    The answer is no. If you could find the parts, you would need to unsolder the old slots and replace them with the new parts.

    I wouldn't want to do that and I have over 40 years of professional electronics experience and access to the proper tools.
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