Kingston HyperX on Asus P5Q SE2

Hi folks :)
I have had a look through the memory faq, but most of the links aren't working in regard to other info etc.

I have the following setup:

Motherboard =Asus P5Q SE2
Bios = the bios is set with latest 0801
CPU=Intel Core 2 Duo E800 3.00GHZ Cache 6mb
Ram= Kingston HyperX KHX8500D2/4G I have 8GB installed (Max 16GB)
Graphics card= Asus EN9600GT 512mb
PSU =Ace Raw Deal (AC-620WRDSPLUS)
Chipset= Intel P45
OS= Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit)

The ram shown is what I want on this system if I can. Memory for my motherboad isn't the easiest to find here in Sweden...if you want the faster speeds. I would like some help setting up timings etc for this memory. I will be honest and say I haven't tried it yet.

Asus haven't updated their QVL since the release of the mobo....still the same as is written in the manual.....

They were a bit blunt about helping me..."If it isn't on the QVL - then we can't recommend it to you" bit of a copout I think.....:)

Can someone help me with this....

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  1. Hi,

    I have a asus P5Q pro turbo. wich is also the p45 chipset and i have kingston Hyperx memory and it works very well. never had a problem with it.

    basicly you have the same motherboard. yours is a little cheaper version . so there shouldn t be any problems.

    hope this helps you out

    have a nice day
  2. Hi dan12800!

    Thanks for stopping by :)
    I am backing up files at the moment, but as soon as I can install the memory I will and report back here...

  3. Hi dan12800!

    I have installed the memory and no problems! I was wondering how I can see if the memory is being used at 10066MHz?

    My settings in bios are set to auto at the moment and I have for DRAM Timing Control the following readings:

    1st 5-5-5-18-3-52-6-3
    2nd 8-3-5-4-6-4-7
    3rd 14-5-1-6-6

    Setting up memory is new for me and I would be grateful for some guidance.... ;)

  4. Hi again!
    OK I have had a look at the data sheet for the memory and it states that 1066 has a latency timing of 5-5-5-15 at 2.2v...

    I have set my DRAM Frequency to 1066MHz and the 1st information is now set to 5-5-5-15-53-6-3

    I have now set my volt to 2.2 as stated and that seems OK...

    Going to reinstall the motherboard and try this now...

    If anyone has any pointers - then feel free to say someting.... :kaola:

  5. Hi again!

    I have now tested this in Windows 7 64bit for several days and no problems!

    I guess we can say this one is solved....

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