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I'm currently using a 22" Hannspree 1680x1050 monitor, but it has a TON of bleeding and color issues as well as a few dead pixels. I'm looking to buy a new 1080P monitor around 23" inches. The primary use of the PC is going to be gaming - mostly L4D2, Bad Company 2, WoW, Heroes of Newerth, Dragon Age. I may do some very light design work here or there, but 99% of the PC usage will be web browsing, work, and gaming.

I was hoping to spend around $200 or so...but I can go to $250-$300 if it will net me much better quality. Anything above $300 is really out of the question since I just dropped $1500 on a new PC

I was looking at a few monitors, and these are the ones that stood out thus far:

Asus VH236H - $190
Asus VH236HL-P - $210 (same as the VH236H, except it has height adjustment...which would be nice)
Samsung BX2335 - $250
Samsung XL2370-1 - $290
Samsung PX2370 - $310
ViewSonic VP2365wb - $300 (IPS panel)
Dell U2311H - $320 (IPS panel)

Since I'll mostly be gaming, response times & input lag are very important. Because of that, I question whether or not the IPS panels would be worth it over the TN panels. I've read a lot of conflicting opinions on whether or not IPS panels are suitable for displays that will be strictly for gaming purposes. The Asus monitors both seem rather good - but I'm unsure as to whether or not the Samsung monitors are worth the extra cost either.

Any opinions?
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  1. I recommend you wait until the end of the year. You should find one for about $150. Some 21 inch 1080p were only $100 around xmas-Jan. My soyo claims 2ms response time. It was $140 closeout at officemax last year.
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