Can I run 64 bit Windows XP?

Hi, I recently finished building a desktop pc, and I was wondering if I could run 64 bit Windows XP on it.

My Specs are:
EPoX 4PDA5+ Motherboard
Intel Celeron D 2.9GHz
nVidia GeForce 6200 GFX
and some other stuff....

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  1. Boot up the setup disc. If Windows XP x64 will run on your computer setup will function normally. If your computer is not x64 capable you will get a message to say so and it will reboot. However this does not mean that ALL your hardware will be compatible. Most things will work, but if you've got anything a bit old, it might not work as there may be no x64 compatible drivers. check the manufacturer website for them.
  2. I'll give that a try.
  3. Nope, I can't run it.

    Are there any 64 bit socket 478 CPU's out there?
  4. 64bit xp is buggy as hell, and drivers are worse, if you want 64bit buy a decent computer and windows 7.

    You only got 3g ram anyhow, and that is more then enough for xp, and it will use it all.
  5. But, are there any 64 bit socket 478 CPU's available?
  6. Nope.

    Maybe, lol. Google is your friend, look it up on intell website.
  7. For The price you would have to pay to get one possibly, your better off getting this combo, and it will run circles around any socket 478.

    Your current ram wont work in this combo though. The good part is you could get faster ddr2 ram :)
  8. Windows 7 64-bit rocks.

    But you MAY have hardware that is incompatible with 64-bit drivers, or even Win7.

    Download and run Windows 7 Upgrade advisor.

    It'll save you alot of frutration in the future!

    To answer the OP, NOPE! Here is a thread: 64 Bit 478 CPU on a system with a 865PE chipset. Basically it says that 64-bit CPU didn't come out until LGA775.
  9. The first 64-bit x86 CPUs were the Athlon 64s. Intel was holding out because they were pushing Itanium. By the time they gave in they had moved to LGA 775. Anyway, if you want to run x64, you're going to need something a little more modern. XP x64 is o.k, a little more problematic than Xp 32-bit though. The only thing I didn't like, was that drivers for some devices are a bit of a pain especially when they have 64-bit Vista & Win7 drivers, but not 64-bit XP drivers. Finding a wireless USB adapter that had drivers for both my OSs was a pain in the butt :D.
  10. As megamanx00 said, There is no 64 bit socket 478 cpus. if there was, i would have looked into them a long time ago. ;)
  11. I have to draw issue with the guy who said XP 64 bit was 'as buggy as hell, with worse drivers'.

    XP 64 bit is based on Win Server 2003 64 bit, and has been to date the MOST SOLID OS I've yet seen.

    Yes, finding the drivers can be a bit of a pain. But that doesn't mean they are not qualified for the platform.

    I've been using XP 64bit for my gaming rigs (of which two have been laptops), running 8GB RAM, and save for the fact you cannot do DX10/11 graphics on XP, it has consistently provided the best frame rates and the best 3DMark06 scores. Look it up on Futuremark's website. You'll see the OS detected as Windows Server 2003 x64.

    Have a nice day.
  12. Windows XP SP2 supported 64bit functions. I would take a Look on the Website and ask Microsoft if its Still Supported. XP SP3 supports 32bit functions!
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