Dell 1564 wireless driver for 1397 wlan mini card windows 8

Anybody know how to get win 8 driver to run dell wireless 1397 mini card
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  1. Yes tried but don't work.

    Dell say this laptop Model Inspiron 1564-4243 does not support Win8.

    Although it passed win 8 preinstall test for wireless card.
  2. Then you will have to find out the chipname of the wireless card, and search for Win8 (eventually Win7) drivers directly from the manufacturer of the card.
  3. I´m not sure if that´s your card, but try it.

    install manually this driver:
    unpack the zip
    goto device manager -> search driver on computer -> list -> harddrive -> search the inf file, which you unzipped before
    eventually you have to uninstall the old or other driver before you proceed.
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