Windows claims i need a driver for my hard drive

Hi, so i was trying to basically just wipe my hard drive and re-install windows, but i'm having some issues. When i try to install windows on the drive it claims that it needs a driver, but i know drivers don't exist for hard drives. I have formatted the drive, but i am unable to install windows on it, and am therefor unable to do anything with my computer at all. I also tried the startup fixing program in the windows disc, but it was unable to fix the issue of course. I really need help on this as soon as possible.
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  1. Alright, so i let my computer sit, turned off, for about an hour, and now it worked... Lesson learned today: Computers are trolls.
  2. older version of windows dont have the chipset drivers sometime to boot or see hard drives. most mb with intel chipset are fine it the amd and nvidia chipset you sometimes have to do an f6 install and have a usb or floppy disk ready with the mb drivers.
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