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Hi Guys,
Im planning my first self bulid based around an AMD 1055t, Ati 5850 gfx & Be Quiet Special Edition White 600W E7 Modular PSU(£59.99 bargain). My main cause of confusion is Mobo selection, DD3 memory & a fast & quiet Hdd.
I will be using my Pc as a Media centre connected to a 42inch Lcd & home cinema system. Whilst my current pc does all of this with no sweat (Excluding rip off Blu ray)im looking for a system that will play games equally as well as a ps3 or xbox. I know i could just go & buy a consol but what a waste of cash seeing as my pc is the hub. I have a budget of between 700-£800. I also require native Usb3 & expansion slots for tv tuner & future upgrades. I would appreciate any realistic input.
Oh yea, as far as overclocking goes it would be nice if any suggestions could accomodate a novice who may dabble a little further down the line.. we all have to start somewhere !
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  1. what size do you need? atx, matx, itx ....
    usb3 can be had on 770, 880, or 890 chipsets ranging in price from $80 to almost $250

    Heres a list of neweggs AM3 motherboards with USB3 sorted by best rating:
  2. If you want a fast hard drive you should take an SSD in consideration. They're a little expensive but they're blazing fast and very quiet if not completely silent. Or you could take a couple of hard drives and put them in a raid0 config. A raid0 config will use/see both harddrives as one drive with twice the speed but also twice the noise and there is another downside; if one drive fails you will lose all data. If you want a fast/solid harddrive go with either a Western Digital Caviar Black or Samsung Spinpoint F3.
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