Toshiba Portable Hard Disk has become LOCAL DRIVE ...


I have a 500 GB Toshiba Portable Hard Disk
Model :593400-A

My OS:Windows XP professional.
I also use a laptop with Windows 7 on which I use the portable HD.

One day when my CD drive stopped working and I wanted to format and reinstall my system I searched the internet on how to make the portable hard disk a boot-able one.So I got to a post and did some things with the command prompt and then on the drive started appearing as local disk H: instead of Removable Drive in My computer.

Well,the HDD wasnt converted into a bootable one (Obviously I might have made some mistake in the command prompt) But that is not the problem.

I just want it to appear as Removable Disk as it used to.

Now I dont have any file in the disk and dont mind formatting it any way.

Windows Format didnt worked.Is there any other way around.Any tool or software.Whatever...

Help please...
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  1. Serious question: Will the PC boot if you power-on with this drive not attached? If not, it may have magically become your boot drive, so it can't be removed. If you power-up with the drive detached, and it boots, and then you attach the drive, is it still unremoveable?

    Can you open Disk Manager and post a piccy, or describe, what it shows in the stripe-pictures on the bottom? It may thing that this is the Boot or System drive.
  2. From the disk manager, find the Toshiba drive right click on it once and then left click it.... then delete volume... the you can recreate the partition and format it.
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