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Hi guys i have a problem with my pc... i have a Geforce GTX275 but i didnt have a powerfull enough PSU so i bought a Corsair TX650w to do the job... the problem is that when I plug the video card and turn on the pc it doesnt boot but if i remove it and use the onboard video or my old video card (7600GT) it boots with no problem... I have used the gtx 275 before and never had this problem ... what can cause this? i think the new psu is powerfull enough to handle the gtx 275 could it be that i have the 7600GT drivers installed and i have to uninstall them so it can boot with the new video card? btw my mb is a GA-G31M-ES2L.

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. A couple things to try:
    -driver sweeper then reinstall drivers.
    -check bios settings for PCI-E preference. Perhaps locking in PCI-E (if on auto) will fix it, perhaps unlocking PCI-E (if it is set to use PCI-E) will fix it. Just a shot in the dark.
    -test the card in another system. There is always the chance that during the swap you damaged the 275.
    -test another card in the system, preferrably a powerful one. If there is an issue with the PCI-E slot, the slower card (7600gt) might not be triggering the issue.
    -Update motherboard bios. This is a real shot in the dark.
    -format your HDD, reinstall windows
  2. Yeah I tried the BIOS settings and uninstalling the drivers but got nothing... I'm starting to think that the problem is the PSU because I set the BIOS settings to ALWAYS use Onboard Video and connected the monitor to the mobo vga (with the gtx 275 still plugged) and it didnt show anything on the screen either :S
  3. Well... i installed the gtx 275 on a friends pc and it didnt work either... i lost all my hope for the vid card now but can it be something else? or could it be fixed somehow?
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