Toshiba P500-BT2G23 memory upgrade

I am trying to find 8GB of RAM (two 4gb modules) for my Toshiba P500-BT2G23 laptop.

I cannot seem to find any OEM that supports this specific model number.

Does anyone know what kind of memory fits this model???


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  1. Looks like your max is 4GB according to the link below. Are you already at 4GB (2 x 2GB)?
  2. I don't think that information is correct.

    I had the option of updating the system to 8gb when customizing it, but I realized it would be cheaper to do it myself when it arrives.

    It looks like it will take up to 8gb Kingston PC 8500 DDR3
    This is the part number from the Toshiba site - KTT1066D3/4G

    If found a few places that sell it, I may pick it up from New Egg
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