9600gt or 240 GT for Physx

Ok did a little research hope someone either knows or has tried both. I have found from benchmarks and such that the 9600gt beats the 240 GT in most cases if left stock. The 9600 has 64 shaders and the 240 has 96 seems odd they are that close I understand the 240 has ddr5 to compensate for the 128 bit mem hmm. Also the 240 has less ROPs which cripples it a bit (Dumb move if you ask me) So does PHSyX use rops or shaders to determin speed? I'm guessing either is fine but I have both and power draw seems to be close. I have 9600gt 512 and a 240gt 1g DDR5.

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  1. Do us a solid, test PhysX performance with both and let us know your results! I for one am intrigued, as my very limited expereince using a dedicated physx card showed definite performance issues as I used slower cards.
  2. Well I was hoping to get a definitive answer before I had to try both as the inside of my case is a hell hole. I guess i shoult cable tie it up and stuff and make it all pretty hmm project for the weekend I suppose.

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