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I am in the process of upgrading to a LGA 1155 system and I'm stuck between the Gigabyte p67a-ud4 and the ASUS p8p67 EVO. I'm going for the EVO and not the delux because I'm not gonna overclock at all in the foreseeable future but then again should I rather consider the Pro instead of the Evo.
The price diff between the pro and the evo isn't very big so the question is if I go for asus witch should it be or sould I go for Gigabyte.
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  1. IMHO don't see a reason to not go with the P8P67 Pro other than PCIe being 8x/8x if doing multiple GPUs. If running SLI, then opt up for a board with 16x/16x. All of those boards should overclock nicely.
  2. tnx I kind of figured that the Pro would be the better choice because of it's price vs performance ratio.
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