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So I am trying to transfer files of a game from a usb thumb drive to my hard drive. The game has a large image file which doesnt want to transfer because it exceeds filesystem limit. I did some reading and figured it was because it was formatted to fat32, but no, it was formatted to ntfs. I am using a external hard drive, it does have a small partition that is formatted to fat32 and I need to keep it that way. But why then cant I transfer these files? It also says that it does not have enough space... i guess for the 12gb of files, 1.4tb isn't enough. WHY?!?!?
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  1. FAT32 has a 4 gig file size limit. How did you get the game on your thumb drive? If any of those files were originally over 4 gig, they are now truncated, thus corrupted. You should have no issues copying them over to an NTFS partition unless the disk is full. I think it's complainging because your"large image file" has been truncated.
  2. I got the file from my friend who made sure it was ntfs before copying it. My hard drive has tons of space, to be exact 1.13tb. There is a single file in the batch that is about 6gb but it should be no problem because I have the partition i want it in formatted to ntfs. I dont know why it still gives me that error.
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