Crossfire and Eyefinity Question.

Hello, my question is pretty simple, but I also want opinions on a separate, although related topic.

I currently have 2 monitors, a 24" Sceptre (1920x1200, product page is here) and a Dell SP2309w 23" (2048x1152, product page here)

I plan on selling my 24" Sceptre, probably to one of my less technologically inclined brothers or other relatives who usually buy my old tech stuff(and if not them, then ebay), and buying 2 of these Samsung 23" monitors.

I currently have 1 ati 5770 (this one) and will also be getting another one to crossfire it with.

Here's the question part: If I get another card, do all connections have to be through one card? or can you plug one monitor into the second card? If you DO have to plug all monitors into the main card, will there be any noticeable degradation in quality by using VGA instead of DVI (since the card only supports 1xDVI and 1xHDMI and 1xVGA (currently have Sceptre using DVI and Dell HDMI)?

As for the opinion part, I want to know if I should get the refurbed Samsungs, more Dell SP2309w (higher price, especially if not on sale--right now they are $219 w/free shipping--but higher quality) or should I get 2 24" monitors with 1920x1200 resolution and get rid of the Dell monitor?

Also, I plan on purchasing/selling this stuff in early summer (late may, early June) so any current sales are irrelevant, just general price trends and availability.

EDIT2: Ok, so I thought of another option, I could get 2 23" monitors that have a native resolution at 1920x1080, and then create a custom resolution for them at 2048x1152 OR just downscale the Dell to 1920x1080. Opinions?

Also, Thanks for the quick answer shadow187.
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    Yes, all 3 monitors go into one card for gaming. For independent monitors, they can be spread over the 2 cards.

    Also, I'd probably grab this card. It has two DVIs and an HDMI.
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