Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 Socket 775 motherboard and memory advise

Greetings fine gurus of the board,

I come in search of advise for building a new machine.

I've decided to build with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 Processor.

With the ASUS P5Q-E virtually unavailable online without buying a refurb from China I'm left with a few difficult options.

If anyone of you kind folks could recommend the best option for a socket 775 mobo and the best memory for that specific board I would be greatly appreciative.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Unless you already have that processor, you will be hard pressed to get a recommendation for building a LGA775 platform machine. Your money will be better spent on an AM3 or LGA1155 platform. ...or possibly buying a used motherboard and memory.

    That being said, the links below are for the older LGA775 and DDR2 memory. There are LOTS of options out there...

    ASUS MB =>

    G.SKILL DDR2 =>
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I am not set on that processor. Just trying to upgrade on a non bleeding edge level.

    If I'm going the LGA 775 route, would this be a decent option?

    Also what type of corsair ram would you recommend?


  3. If you are NOT going the LGA775 route, that Tiger Direct combo is a good option for a Sandy Bridge build (LGA1155).

    For Corsair I would stick with the XMS series. Something like =>
  4. It's probably more expensive to build a new LGA 775 machine than AM3, LGA 1156, or LGA 1155 because LGA 775 parts are barely in production and growing scarce. Depending on your budget, there are some great bundles out there for some parts. If you post your budget and your needs (gaming, video editing, home theater PC, etc.), we can recommend an optimized build.
  5. Thank again for the great information.

    Any advise on operating system? Windows7 32 vs 64?

    Is that a sockeye salmon?
  6. Win7 Home Preimum 64-bit (for system builders).

    Rainbow trout...
  7. Hello and many thanks,

    I'm building this machine solely for multi-track recording.

    I suppose my budget is around 1000. I don't need a fancy video card but I do need dual monitor support.

    Will windows home premium allow me to use 8GB of memory?

    So far I'm planning on using the following parts:

    ASUS P8P67 Intel P67 Motherboard

    Intel Core i5-2400 3.10 GHz Quad-Core Processor

    2 sets of Corsair 4GB - PC12800 RAM, DDR3, 1600MHz, Core i5, Dual Channel, Class 9

    Antec Solo Black/Silver Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    Corsair TX650W 650-Watt Power Supply

    Zalman cpu fan

    Again, input on the video card and how much memory Win7 64 can handle.

  8. Home Premium is good up to 16GB of memory. Just about any GPU will do what you are looking for. Just make sure the output matches your monitors inputs. The HD 4650 can be a good option...
  9. Any particular brand featuring hd 4650?
  10. advied said:
    Thank again for the great information.

    Any advise on operating system? Windows7 32 vs 64?

    Is that a sockeye salmon?

    Well if you want to Play Crysis, Go windows XP 64 bit or Vista 64bit.
    I heard Windows 7 has issues running Crysis..but I believe patches are available to
    fiz that(don't know for sure,just going by what i've read and seen).If you want to stick with what you've got
    ,get a 775 motherboard that IS ABLE to run DDR3 memory,max out your memory.To play Crysis with no lag,grab the E8400/Q8400(both are now available for around $143.00)(June,2011) Or,if your rich and looking for one the best in top performance in the 775 platform get the Q9650($334.00).I'd personally go for the Quad core/Q8400($143.00)..since Crysis was first built to run on a Quad format, for best performance.Then,get a SATA II/III 6-700 Gig HD(Samsung F3/F4)(if you can find one)Considered the second best HD to the Velociraptor, and in some instances even won over the Velociraptor.Next,grab a high speed 24x Double Layer CD/ROM or DVD/ROM drive or a combination of the two.(Sony Optiarc/Asus/Samsung-the best on the market),once again,for Memory,get DDR3 sticks with the lowest CL(cass latency)specs as possible for super fast ROM/MEM recovery.Grab the best in heat suppression/dispersal for your CPU,the new Corsair H-80/H-100(I believe their out already)Personally id buy the one with the dual fans(H-100/$175.00).Make sure you have fans all over the place to get rid of the heat from inside your gaming tank.(front/Rear/Top and on both sides if possible this will extend the life of your motherboard especially if you decide to over clock it a bit to say...3.4 Ghz.Finally get videos cards with/Cuda/PsyX technology why?The technology,releaves pressure from your CPU,so that it doesn't have to do all the rendering calculations on it's own,the video card now does all of that.More likely you'll have to go SLI for that.But if you do,you will not be dissapointed.Smoke,Artificial intelligence,Lighting,Shadows,Tessalations, are all tweeked to offer the gamer the very best in graphics capabilities for a more realistic and a more emmersive one paid me to say this..but research it for yourself and you'll agree as well...other than that make sure you have a power supply capable of handeling the loads you put on the motherboard, if you go with SLI,(adding two V.C's) Get the best,reliable and "LOAD TESTED PSU" with the best rating available,so as not to damage your motherboard/CPU or that may even cause blue screens and other issues with your PC components!!Get AURUM power supplys(my opinion/"load tested" and approved to 80 plus gold rating!) 800 Watts which should be more than suffice...good luck!!Happy gaming!!
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