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I own a x-fi platinum card (platinum, nothing more) (Sound Blaster), recently installed a new OS (Win7), and now the front drive bay is no longer working. Any suggestions? I installed the newest SB drivers, and the web patch update, and still no luck. Everything is plugged in securely. Do I need some sort of cord to connect the pci card to the front drive bay (besides the ide cable)???
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  1. There should also be a floppy disk power connector on the front panel. You should need the IDE looking cable and the floppy power cable, nothing else.
  2. If you mean the floppy disk connector that comes from the power supply, then that's taken care of. so both of those things are connected. still no luck. any other ideas? thx!
  3. Oh yeah, duh, my SB is right in front of me. (mine is audigy 2 zs but I believe most all the platinums have very similar hookups.) There is also a SPDIF cable, its kinda like a usb header, 4x5 pins or something. It should be right next to the longer ribbon that looks like IDE.
  4. Still no luck. Any other suggestions? could it be the cable? i know that there are several different cables that look similar - like the one with the pink line on it, or a server cable etc... something like this.
  5. Yeah the front bay is not important if you asked me i dont use one. I more a looks feature than anything.
  6. but the front has midi and optical+coax for digital, the card doesnt.
  7. Could try using either the PAX or Daniel_K driver pack. I'm guessing if it worked before, its (another) driver issue of some sort...
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