How do I add a memory card that I have and put it in my daughter's compac presario 2700 laptop? I've put a memory board in my HP desktop computer before. I don't know what are major differences in adding to a laptop. Please help me, thanks, Ljonesind
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  1. Check out the link below and also hit YouTube for some videos. Pretty simple process for taking apart the laptop. Good luck!!
  2. sadams04 said:
    Check out the link below and also hit YouTube for some videos. Pretty simple process for taking apart the laptop. Good luck!!

    Thank you for your help. After searching, only found lots of sites that wanted to charge or do it for me. I'll start reading and figure this out.

    Very cool,

  3. The Presario 2700 (or EVO N180, which is the same laptop) memory is accessible from the bottom panel. As a precaution, take out the battery first and disconnect the power cord. Beside the battery compartment is a large plastic panel held by four small silver screws. The two screws on the edges come out; the two on the panel end are held captive. One edge of the panel is held by tabs. Take that panel out, and you'll see the two main memory slots along with one video memory slot and a modem (covered in plastic). All are held in by spring clamps on the sides. The memory module clamps may be metal or plastic. To release the memory card, use your fingers to gently pull the clamps to the side, away from the memory module edges. Once the clamps are moved sufficiently to the side, the memory module pops up on the side away from the connector, and you will be able to remove it. Hold it by its edges only, and be sure you don't touch the gold connectors.

    To put in a new memory module, first carefully slide the edge of the module with the gold tabs into the connector with the module at about a 30 degree angle. There is a cut-away tab that helps you line it up, and it will go in only one way. Once you have the module all the way in (so that the gold tabs are no longer visible), press down the "tilted up" end until the module clicks into place.

    The Presario 2700 takes PC133 SDRAM. You can use 128MB, 256MB, or 512MB modules, for up 1GB total. Do an ebay search on PC133 512MB SODIMM to find compatible memory, which is pretty cheap these days. This laptop can use either low-density modules or high-density modules.

    By the way, if your Presario 2700 runs hot, the fan blows loudly, or it gets sluggish (and using Windows Task Manager you see a "System" process taking up 100% of the CPU), it probably is experiencing a common overheating failure caused by the heatsink module coming loose from the motherboard. Happily, you can fix this yourself with a repair kit sold on eBay (search for 302001-001). The repair kit includes all the instructions you need to repair it yourself, and it is a permanent cure.
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