Maximum CPU wattage for NFORCE 4M A

Hello everyone, I'm running an AMD 6000, NFORCE 4M A mobo, 8 gigs WIN 7 64 bit and EVGA 240GT, CPU supposedly 89 watts, ECS web site says mobo could use 89 and 125 watt CPU, 125 watts has asterik with no explanation, its AM2 board I want to put a Phenom 940 Deneb quad core AMD 125 watt in the mobo, will this crash and burn the mobo or system, I've had this board for 2 years very stable works well, wondering if I'll hurt anything does anyone know. Oh the new CPU is AM2+ I've read other post of other people doing this, but they said make shure your mobo can support 125 watts, Thanx.
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    If you want to be safe, why not go for a 95 watt denab phenom II. Some run at 3.0.
  2. Hello, the one's you are refering to are AM3 , people that have AM2 mobos say that it will not work and they are 95 watts from 2.8 to 3.0 .
  3. Forgot to mention the ones I was looking at are AM2+ Deneb 940 125 watts running at 3.0, mine is AMD 6000 running at 3.131 dual core.
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