2 silverstone 850w psu

whats the difference between the silverstone ST 85f-P and DA 850 there both 850w and there both modulare so whats the difference.

is one a newer model?
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  1. ST 85f-P: 67amps +12V, 80Plus Silver efficiency, $30 less, 2x 6-Pin 2x 8/6-Pin CI-e video card power connectors, 135mm cooling fan and 2x 8pin EPS CPU power connectors (maybe for server motherboards with 2 CPU sockets?)

    DA 850: 70amps +12V, 4x 6-Pin, 2x 8-Pin PCI-e video card power connectors and 120mm cooling fan.
  2. SILVERSTONE ST85F-P 850W (P is for Plus) is actually the newer PSU. Website
  3. the only thing that bugs me is the da has dual 6 pin conectors ill need a 1 6pin and 1 8pin

    so what the extra 6 pin just hands there or what.
  4. The DA has 4x 6pin and 2x 8pin... total of 6 video card power connectors.
  5. I see what you're saying. The Dual 6pins are for Crossfire or SLI setup....and yes the 2nd x6 connector will be 'hanging there' if you're not using it.

    DA 850 review @ JonnyGuru
  6. wow thanks for the info i gues ill go with the cheaper strider 1 its cheaper 2 it dosnt have a shity dual 6 pin in a world full of 6/8 graphics cards and i read in one of those links the strider had 2 6/8 conectors thats awesome 1 wire not 2.

    i guess the da was ment for older cards or somthing idk
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