5750 and LED issue

hey whats up everyone

ive had this 5750 in my custom pc for a year now without problems. 2 days ago i bought a 55 inch samsung LED hdtv.. (i used to have a 40 inch lcd). i hooked my pc to the VGA input like i did my old one and it works fine...

however on my LED screen when viewing the PC mode... lets say for example my desktop... background is simple black. if you look at say the recycle bin... you can see to the right... a blur trail/GHOSTING/Double vision of it slightly...

on white backgrounds anything it type i seee it as well...

tried auto adjust on tv.. treid the sync in the catylyst program.. wont fix.
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  1. anybody? =(
  2. Do you have CCC?
  3. yes i do. ive trieed clicking the plusand minus on the disply h and v sync... didnt do much at all
  4. im assuming you meant the cat control center
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