Will this setup work?


My first custom built computer (Canadian prices) and i was wondering if these parts are compatible. I'm fairly positive that it will from doing research on the web but i wanna just be sure.
I'm also going to add another 5870 to it later.

Any feedback, suggestions ect. would be very helpful.
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  1. Yeah that should work fine if the Motherboard is an 1156 Chipset. It didn't say on the title in your pic.
  2. multiscreenz said:
    Yeah that should work fine if the Motherboard is an 1156 Chipset. It didn't say on the title in your pic.

    yeah it is and thanks for feed back but after looking at some other forums i'm switching to the 1366 socket and an i7 930.
  3. Quote:
    It should work. BUT WAHY ARE U GETTING AN IDE DRIVE??? BAD, get an Sata Samsung F3, 7200.12 or Caviar Black. Also, Why are you switching to 1366? Unless you need something memory hungry (A/V editing), the 1156 is perfectly fine, maybe even a 750 with a decent OC.

    (Why are you getting the GENE if you have a full ATX case? Get the Maximus III Fornula/Extreme instead..)

    Because its a bit better for gaming which is what i'm primarily going to use this for and i don't know much about hard drives but ill be sure to switch it and i will do some editing with it too. My new motherboard is a P6T w/ TripleDDR3 2000, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit Lan, 1394, PCI-E, 3-way CrossFireX/ SLI. good? This is my first custom build (even though im not putting it together, i don't trust myself) so i don't know very much about this stuff.
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    NO. The i7 wouldn't be better in gaming. It also comsumes more power and runs hotter, cost is also higher.
    Stick with an 750 and a cooler if it is mostly for gaming, then OC it.

    Aight so i switched the HDD, the CPU to the 750, got the none GENE motherboard, and it had the Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler already. am i missing anything and does the CPU cache matter that much?
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    Gaming wise, not much. The only selling point of the 860 is Hyoerthreading, which may help in the long run.

    And why do you need two disk drives anyway?

    for bluray and a faster dvd for games
  6. Quote:
    games really don't use DVD to RUN, a faster drive wont help. The DVD is only for loading miscellaneous textures/pictures and verifying.
    Beside, i think both reads DVDs at the same speed.

    No the dvd is 16x and bluray is 12x... is there really that much difference i have no clue and btw thanks so much for the help
  7. Quote:
    Just checked the specs, both are 16X for DVDs and 12X for DVD-DL, you could ditch the DVD drive now.

    sweet thanks
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