Is this PSU is good enough for my system?

Hi guys,

Once again I come to you needing help :)

My system is E8400 OC 3.77 Ghz on GigaByte P43, 8 GBs RAM, 2 WD Blue HDs, and Sapphire 5830. I just got a new PSU, Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 600 Watts. I have read that this specific PSU is not good, isthat true?
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  1. you are correct in your reading

    "If you pull more than 450 W from this product it will offer real risk to your computer, plus it presents a lousy efficiency between 69.2% and 77.6%"
  2. As a general rule, I never buy a PSU that is not at least 80+ certified for efficiency. Here is a pretty good PSU in the same wattage range for a pretty good price.
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