Will my build even work?


I'm looking to build a general purpose/gaming rig for about £800. Its my first build so just need all (helpful) input and recommendations etc.

I need pretty much everything might have a keyboard/mouse n that layin around but i need the rest.
It all has to be from british stores so no newegg.

heres what im thinkin so far:

CPU: core i5 750

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H

RAM: 4GB g-skill 1600Mhz

GPU: radeon HD 5770

Monitor: 22" LED LCD

HDD: 500GB

PSU: 550W corsair

Case: Antec 300

Optical Drive: (may have one so might not need)

According to my calculations that comes to £732 + postage etc
Will need to get win 7 but can get student deal for £33 so £765 total.

Not to bothered about storage and can get another HDD later if needed.
Didnt bother with i7 coz dont really do that much multi-tasking or anything to reliant on lots of threads and theres no extra clock speed in my price range.

Would like to keep it as close to £800 as possible and definately not more than £900.

Soooo.......... have i forgotten anything? will that PSU be ok?
not sure about the mobo either its quite cheap and only mATX but think it will be ok not sure about upgradeability tho only 2 DIMM slots. Any1 know if it supports xfire if i want to add another GPU later?

Like I said its my first build so any input is helpful. Will there be any major bottlenecking whilst gaming? I dont do that much gaming so I dont need crysis full detail at 50000 FPS but I was thinkin at least older games at full and most new games to at least run (havnt bought a new game in years so no idea what current specs are about average).

thanks for any help and advice

Edit: also would there be any advantage to goin to an AMD build? i want the best performance for my budget but would i save on the mobo giving me more money for other components? I do prefer Intel slightly but dont mind and amd build.
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  1. Quote:
    Do you plan to Crossfire?
    If so, get a P55 instead.

    And skip the Hitach, they make "Deathstars"and the performances are so-so, get a samsung F3 instead.

    The PSU is plenty good, but if you want to CF, get a 650W to be safe.

    OK HDD changed to

    I dont think i'll crossfire in the near future coz ill hav to fork out for a different mobo and PSU i'll probably just slowly upgrade the slowest components or anything that needs upgrading one at a time as i go along.

    Is it an OK build otherwise?
  2. A 550 watt Corsair will power any CPU with any single video card. (An X2 or 5970 is not a single video card.)
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