GTA San Andreas not working with GT220

Hey guys, I bought a GT220 DDR2 1gb PNY for my computer (HPXw4300). Previously, I could run GTA San Andreas fine, but with this new graphics card, when I double click the GTA button, nothing happens at all. Whys this? Thanks for reading. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Often, when a graphics intensive game is first installed, it "goes out" to your system and senses the GPU and the game then configures it's self for that GPU ...

    ... The first thing I would try would be to de-install the game (legally, elegantly and completely) using the add/remove progs screen in control panel ...

    ... Then, ... re-install the game "afresh" ... Just guessing that will do it for ya.

    = Alvin =
  2. what card did you replace?
  3. you have to go to my documents folder, then delete the "gta_sa.set" file in the folder "gta san andreas user files". then try to run the gta game again.

    previous graphics settings might mismatched somehow with the new card.



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