Air foil fans vs convetional pc fans?

Maybe this topic has allready been discussed but Im wondering about the practical application of a mini dyson air foil fan if they were to ever make one that small as opposed to conventional pc cooler fans.I understand they concentrate more air on direct spots but would the suction off a cpu heatsink be more or the same or less than a conventional fan.Or even the practical application of making less noise as per cfm to a conventional cpu or case fan.I could see the practical application for a case fan but not really for a cpu fan as the air fiol design would need a clear space behind it to be able to suck that much air and accelerate it out the opposite side.Therotically it would gather enough air on the intake side to suck enough air out of the case if a case fan and concentrate it out and make less noise.Your thoughts on this anyone?
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  1. I realy just had the same idea, first no this has not ever been done yet only issue is... The "multiplier" is really just a big fan at the bottom pushing air to the top ring... There is an electric blower in the base that releases air around the upper ring. This entrains air inside and outside the ring 'multiplying' the airflow to greater than the flow from the blower in the base alone. The ring is formed similar to the airfoil of a plane wing forcing air to travel faster than without a curved foil. When air moves faster (more kinetic energy of velocity) some of its potential energy (of air pressure) is lost decreasing the pressure and drawing in more air. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but potential energy can be converted to kinetic energy. so really you would have better luck with just placing a turbine next to your CPU which is also a good idea but power consumption seems to come up alot..... hope this helps
  2. O am im not sure how much quiter it is... I think the idea of it was to create a clean sound with smooth air flow not to be undetected but i would check my math on that one i dont really know...
  3. Nice but I was considering the actual round style fan but I gess if you are cooling a fin type cpu heatsink that would make more sense.Hmmm I know ths thread is prolly dead by now but that is pretty sick if it cools each heatsink fin as opposed to a round type design which would only cool the outer fins surace.That you for all your input.
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    Those dyson fans are mostly a novelty - they aren't anywhere near as efficient as a standard fan.
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