Weird problem with new build

recently did a new build around the ASUS P6X58D Premium. worked fine until I got home from work today. Did not get to POST, just a blank screen, with the gfx card fan full speed. Tried pulling off case and pressing "mem_ok" button to load default bios settings, did not work.

I shut down normally last night and everything worked fine.

I noticed there is a wet spot underneath where the power supply was sitting (power supply on bottom of my case). The wetness smells like rubbing alchohol. How likely is it that the heat pipes of the motherboard, gfx card, or cpu cooler leaked out? Has anyone ever had this problem before?

I am obviously very frustrated as I just got this new $1800 toy and I want to play with it!

full specs of build:

Motherboard: P6X58D Premium
CPU: Core i7 930
CPU cooler: Thermalright U120eXtrem
HDD: 2x 150G WD Velociraptor
Case: Coolermaster 690
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  1. Follow this checklist, if this doesnt resolve it let us know. Also if you could list item by item the results of the checklist so we can see if there is anything you missed.
  2. thanks for the help, but I basically just came on here to QQ. I am an electrical engineer and personal computers are like legos compared to the circuit boards I usually have to debug.

    I robbed the 8800GTS from my old system and swapped it out for the 5850 and it booted, so I have identified the culprit.

    I have never heard of leaking heat pipes before!
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